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RUN AT BEST® is not just a sales training, but a method including an app that will change your sales sustainably.

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Patric Biewer
Patric Biewer
Enterprise Sales

"In 2021, the first year after training and using the app, I increased my service order volume by 163%. In the third week of March 2022, I already had 60% of the previous year's volume as incoming orders"

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Increase sales performance by more than 20%
Increase sales performance
by more than 20%
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Increase forecast accuracy to over 90%
Increase forecast
accuracy to over 90%
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Change behaviour in under 3 months
Change behaviour
in under 3 months
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of buyers confirm that the salespeople they bought from are trustworthy.

Source: LinkedIn

RUN AT BEST® Sales Methodology

We guide sales teams to focus their activities on customer value and stand out from the competition. We help you to build your customer relationships with trust and respect and to look at the customer situation from their point of view.

With RUN AT BEST® qualification, you gain clarity at any point in the sales cycle, understand where you stand, what information you are missing and what the next steps are to successfully close the sales opportunity.

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How we turn you into a Trusted Advisor

With RUN AT BEST® we offer you a globally proven sales methodology supported by an App to transform your investment into sustainable success.

Sales methodology

We teach you how to gain the trust and respect of your customers in the shortest possible time. The method is simple, understandable, and easy to apply. It focuses on empathy for the customer, thus enabling you to see through the lens of the customer and help you to take control and the lead.
The methodology is designed to complement already learned concepts and not contradict them. We have brought together the best approaches on the market in RUN AT BEST® and prepared them more efficient and memorable.

RUN AT BEST® Opportunity Manager

Our App integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Office 365 and helps you to implement the RUN AT BEST® training content sustainably. At any time, you can see where you stand and what the next step is to successfully close your sales opportunity or to drop out because there is no prospect.
The App serves as a central repository of all relevant information for effective collaboration within the customer sales team. With the help of this information, the sales manager can coach the sales team efficiently and create a strategy together.

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Recognise the overall situation of your sales opportunity at a glance

All relevant dimensions according to which sales opportunities are qualified are structured with the help of the RUN AT BEST® acronym and put in the proper procedural order.


How can we ensure lasting trust and respect?


What are the uniques that make our company relevant to the customer?


What are the customer's problems/impacts and business goals?


Based on which criteria is it going to be decided by whom?


On which influencing factors does the timeframe depend?


What does the budget situation look like?


Where am I in the competitive landscape?


How can I convince with customer value in the solution definition?

Take Control

How to stay in the driving seat and control a balanced Give and Take ratio?

Sales Training

The training focuses on simple techniques, is practical and directly applicable. We apply all content in real time to existing sales opportunities to directly add value and ensure adoption from the start. By using the App during the training, we accelerate the process of internalising the content.

Creating Trust & Respect

Strategic Thinking with Give & Take

Customer Inspiration

Asking the Right Questions

Decision Drivers

Value Selling

Crafting compelling Business Cases

Opportunity Qualification & Review

Account Planning & Review

Our App supports the increase of your success rate

Use the same consistent and straightforward approach as the RUN AT BEST® methodology and training. Our App is used in training from the beginning to ensure the internalisation of knowledge and sustainability. It is available in multiple languages.
Use the RUN AT BEST Opportunity Manager to close more deals
Der RUN AT BEST Opportunity Manager hilft Ihnen, die RUN AT BEST-Verkaufsmethodik einfach und nachhaltig anzuwenden.
Sam Bryant, Enterprise Account Executive
Sam Bryant
Enterprise Account Executive

“The RUN AT BEST® app is an incentive to use the CRM. It adds significant value to me as a salesperson. Since I started using the app, I have increased my gross profit by 47% in 6 months to over £2 million.”

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The app clearly displays all the information relevant to a situation assessment with traffic lights to plan the necessary steps.

One source

It serves as a single source of information for all team members working on the sales opportunity so that they can act in a coordinated manner at all times.


It helps salespeople with questions they should ask, with hints on what to include and why this information is important.

Analysis tools

It shows the progress so far in a comparison chart so that successes and regressions can be assessed directly.

Virtual coach

The virtual coach calculates the probability of completion, shows you further steps and points out weak points. This is supported by machine learning.


The entire team can add comments to each criterion to point out possible inconsistencies or make suggestions.

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How we work together

RUN AT BEST® offers a comprehensive approach to ensure that your goals are achieved

Envisioning Workshop

Together we identify the decisive factors for a sustainable improvement of your sales situation. Furthermore, we show you which conditions must be created to ensure your success.

Value Proposition Workshop

We analyse and revise the value proposition of your products & solutions to use it in the training (optional).

Implementation of the App

We set up the RUN AT BEST® App based on your existing sales process to use it during the methodology training.

Training of the sales methodology

In the sales training we teach you the RUN AT BEST® methodology and show you how to unleash the full potential of your sales.

Opportunity Review

We analyse an evaluated sales opportunity with the help of the app, identify weaknesses and possible potential and develop a strategy for further action.

Opportunity Coaching

With the app's help, the leader receives a tool to precisely identify potential for improvement in a sales opportunity. In addition, we support the leader with questioning techniques and a selection of coaching questions to encourage the employee to develop a suitable strategy.

Support during implementation

We accompany and support you in the implementation to achieve your sales goals and a sustainable change in your sales occur.

Who benefits from the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology?

CSOs, Revenue Officers
Sales Leaders, Sales Directors
Sellers, Pre-sales
free of charge & without obligation

Increase your success rate in 3 steps

Your next step to success

Find out how we can help you increase your win rate and achieve your sales goals.
free of charge & without obligation

Book potential analysis

We analyse your current sales situation and present the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology at no cost and without obligation. You can book a date directly once you have entered your data.


Transform sales

We lay the foundation for our collaboration in an Envisioning Workshop and define our common goals. Once you are ready to take the next step, we launch the necessary activities, conduct sales training, implement the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology and continuously measure success.

Potential unleashed and goals achieved

Potential unleashed and goals achieved

You are a Trusted Advisor and, therefore a strategic partner to your customers; invest your time in the right activities. As a result, you have increased your win rate and can rely on your forecast.

Your next step to success

Find out how we can help you to increase your win rate and achieve your sales goals.
free of charge & without obligation

Questions & Answers

Which CRM systems are currently supported?

RUN AT BEST® Opportunity Manager is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. We are currently working on integration with other CRM systems. There is also a version for Microsoft Office 365.

I already have a sales methodology in place; Why should I use RUN AT BEST®?

RUN AT BEST® uses general principles and complements existing methods. On the one hand, it is very much about the right attitude and thereby triggered, the adapted and appropriate behavior. On the other hand, it is about the holistic presentation of the overall situation in order to start where it is essential. Many methods are challenging to grasp and offer few approaches to ensure sustainability.With its simple structure and logical acronym, RUN AT BEST® offers a guideline that describes the procedure in the correct order. In the Power App, the sales opportunity is presented like an X-ray image. It thus provides the whole team with the opportunity to ask critical questions to uncover contradictions and improve the solution development.Leaders can ask the right coaching questions to support the employees in finding solutions.

Increase your success rate and reach sales targets

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