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"Customers want to be understood and inspired with new ideas."

Andre Kleine
Founder & CEO - RUN AT BEST®

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Our passion is to help sales people reach their full potential. We love empowering sales professionals, sharing knowledge and experience with them and giving them a new perspective.

Our philosophy

RUN AT BEST® is a philosophy that puts you in the role of a trusted advisor, not a salesperson. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes and helping them achieve their goals is the main focus.

The goal in developing RUN AT BEST® was to bring value to the salesperson, to provide a methodical tool with additional integration into the CRM system, which combines all necessary sales dimensions and relevant steps in a simple structure. An easy to remember acronym, combined with the correct logical order of activities and a simple structure are the basis. The establishment and maintenance of the customer relationship, as well as the regular collection of commitments form the FRAME, which is merged by various qualification criteria to a holistic picture of the customer.

Sales seems simple at first, but as soon as you look behind the scenes, you quickly realize the complexity of the interdependencies that are crucial for a successful deal. Assessing the situation at hand and getting an accurate picture of where you stand and what to do next determines the right way forward and therefore success or failure.

To ensure sustainability and provide the necessary consistency for team collaboration, as well as efficient coaching, we have developed a simple and intuitive app together with Hitachi Solutions. Here, too, the focus is on the benefit for the salesperson.

Signature Andre Kleine, Founder & CEO RUN AT BEST GmbH
Andre Kleine, Founder & CEO - RUN AT BEST®

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