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Stand out from the crowd

RUN AT BEST® is helping sellers to gain a competitive advantage by quickly increasing the depth of their customer relationships and gaining a holistic view of the entire customer situation.

Paul Bakker
Paul Bakker
Sales Lead Enterprise

"RUN AT BEST® helps me and my sales team to deliver value to our customers on a daily basis. It is a very easy yet meaningful way to structure our customer contact and account strategy.”

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About the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology

How we turn you into a Trusted Advisor

About the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology

Tackle the modern challenges of solution selling

The acronym RUN AT BEST® provides a memorable structure and procedural order to qualify and collaborate on sales opportunities and accounts.

It ensures you recognize the overall situation of opportunities and accounts at a glance and guides you to take the right  strategic next steps and to take control.

With RUN AT BEST® we brought together the best approaches on the market and elevated it to address the challenges of modern solution selling in a practical and grounded way.

What our sales methodology stands for

Your value of RUN AT BEST® sales methodology

Increase sales performance by more than 20%

Focus on potential opportunities, identify risks, and develop the next steps to close your deal successfully.

Shorten your sales cycle by quickly building a trusting relationship, adding greater value and removing hurdles.

Increase project volume with a risk-mitigating business case approach.

Increase forecast accuracy to over 90%

Create a reliable forecast through consistent qualification of all sales opportunities

Exceed quota more frequently by gaining transparency on your true state of sales.

Plan your resources based on a high-quality sales pipeline.

Sustainable change of behaviour

Create a new mindset by putting yourself into the customer’s shoes and focusing on adding greater value.

With simple and modern methods you quickly build trust and respect with your customer and think more strategically.

Our sustainable training approach combined with an intuitive app continuously re-enforces the change of behaviour.

Who benefits from the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology?

CSOs, Revenue Officers

Sales Leaders, Sales Directors

Sellers Pre-sales

How we work together

Our process drives sustainable results


We understand your current sales situation, analyse your challenges, their impact on your business and your desired future situation defined by measurable goals.


Together we identify the decisive factors for a sustainable improvement of your sales situation. Based on the goals defined in the discovery, we derive which prerequisites must be created to ensure your success. Depending of the results there are additional workshops to work on the prerequisites.

Provide Adoption Components

The next step is to merge the developed content with the RUN AT BEST® framework. We make the adjustments to the workbook, training course guide, prepare the tools and present this to you for acceptance.

Training & Certification

In the sales training we teach you the concept and techniques of the RUN AT BEST® methodology and show you how to unleash the full potential of your sales.

Once the training is completed you proof your learnings with an exam. By passing it you receive a certificate including a digital, shareable badge.

Coaching & Sustainability

We analyse an existing sales opportunity with the help of the app, identify knowledge gaps, risks and potential to develop a sales strategy for further action.

What our customers say

96% of the sellers who use our method have closed more deals

Dan Parmenter
Dan Parmenter
Global Account Director

"Using RUN AT BEST® methodology, after only a matter of weeks, I started to regularly achieve 150-200% of my quota on a quarterly basis."

"RUN AT BEST® has helped me smash above 1 million GP for the first time in my career and ultimately sharing the secret to long term success.

At the start of the year I could only see 20% of my number and didn’t have a plan on how to increase this exponentially, I learned to shut out the noise and refocus on what is important to the customer rather than what is important to me.

Personally I had a low win rate for net new service deals or contracts in previous years, but since I bought into and started using RUN AT BEST® methodology, after only a matter of weeks, I started to regularly achieve 150-200% of my quota on a quarterly basis.

As a miserable old sceptic I actually tried to dodge the “training” as I expected this to be yet another attempt to bottle success, so I thought “here we go again”.

After joining one session, not taking it seriously and attempting picking holes in the material, the trainer sat me down and explained how I could close more deals in a quarter than I had previously done in a year. Oh how wrong I was, this process is tried and tested and worked well for me.

The key to success here is to flip the perception you have of sales and how to win a deal.

If you accept hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard, you will make more money than you knew you were personally capable of."

Alberta Lodi Rizzini
Alberta Lodi Rizzini
Sales Executive

"Putting together the RUN AT BEST® matrix helps me to have everything in view through a unified model and to make decisions based on the same criteria, thus helping me to better achieve my goals."

"RUN AT BEST® has helped me understand what really matters in the customer relationship.

By asking the right questions, you get unexpected answers, which gives you access to a lot of information about the company, personal and business goals, so you can help the customer achieve their goals.

The matrix is a tool that allows sales and solution specialists to be closely aligned when working together on an opportunity and thus be on the same page.

Putting together the RUN AT BEST® matrix helps me to have everything in view through a unified model and to make decisions based on the same criteria, thus helping me to better achieve my goals."

Recognise the overall situation of your sales opportunity at a glance

All relevant dimensions according to which sales opportunities are qualified are structured with the help of the RUN AT BEST® acronym and put in the proper procedural order.


How can we ensure lasting trust and respect?


What are the uniques that make our company relevant to the customer?


What are the customer's problems/impacts and business goals?


Based on which criteria is it going to be decided by whom?


On which influencing factors does the timeframe depend?


What does the budget situation look like?


Where am I in the competitive landscape?


How can I convince with customer value in the solution definition?

Take Control

How to stay in the driving seat and control a balanced Give and Take ratio?

Your next step to success

Find out how we can help you to increase your win rate and achieve your sales goals.