RUN AT BEST® Sales Methodology

Increase the performance of your sales team

RUN AT BEST® is modern solution selling, offering a simplified and structured methodology, supported by an app to ensure maximum sustainability to continuously accelerate growth. ​

Your value of RUN AT BEST® Sales Methodology

Increase sales performance by more than 20%

Think strategically and focus on the appropriate actions within the right opportunities and accounts

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Increase forecast accuracy to over 90%

Create reliable forecasts based on a high-quality sales pipeline through consistent qualification

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Change behaviour in under 3 months

Focus on customer value, trusting relationships and fully understand the customer situation

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What we offer

Drive success through tailored sales enablement

What makes us different

Our passion is to help sales people to reach ​their full potential​

Next-level solution selling

Our sales methodology is designed to tackle the challenges of today’s solution selling. Coaching on the job is part of the concept.​

Tailored sales training

We customize and deliver the training content to your company’s situation. The tailored training experience enables sellers to quickly apply the content and benefit from the learnings.​

Sustainable sales methodology

Combining the training with our intuitive opportunity and account app supports the ongoing use of the methodology and ensures successful closing of deals. ​Our approach helps sellers to stand out from the crowd, to build sustainable business relations and to become the trusted advisor.​

Measurable success

We make your goals our goals. We define what you want to achieve, by when and align our activities accordingly.  

96% of the sellers who use our method have closed more deals

The RUN AT BEST sales methodology is used by more than 1000+ users worldwide. Become the sales person customers trust.

Over 1000 solution sellers trained worldwide

Patric Biewer
Patric Biewer
Enterprise Sales

"In 2021, the first year after training and using the app, I increased my service order volume by 163%. In the third week of March 2022, I already had 60% of the previous year's volume as incoming orders.”

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Our customers

SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, trusting the RUN AT BEST sales methodology.Hitachi Solutions digitally transforms businesses and is relying on the RUN AT BEST sales methodology.

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