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What is a Trusted Advisor in business and how to become one in sales?

As a Trusted Advisor, you have a special status with your customers. You are not just a salesperson who is contacted when the customer requests an offer. You have a permanent seat at the customer's table and are involved in strategic planning and discussions. You work with the customer to fulfill their business vision.

This gives you a unique competitive advantage as you are involved before different vendors even brought into the game. You are able to advise the customer in advance and help shape their planning.

One of the ways you become a Trusted Advisor is by

-Demonstrating to your customer that you are sincere in helping them achieve their goals and not only focused on achieving yours.

- Investing time in building the customer relationship and showing empathy to put yourself in the customer's shoes.

- By steadily demonstrating your competence and knowledge, you are able to provide the customer with new perspectives and inspire them with ideas.

What are the biggest challenges in sales?

Today 40 to70% of salespeople fail to achieve their goals because sales became more and more complex. Sellers must deal with complex buyer journeys, different stakeholders with different needs, and well prepared and demanding customers which don’t want to be seen as a target but want to be understood and honestly supported to reach their goals. Also, it gets more difficult for sellers tostand out from the competition.

Sales leaders are challenged with a low forecast accuracy due to a poor pipeline quality, because sellers don’t see value in the operational burden of putting all customer information into the CRM.

At the same time, they experience that training investments are wasted because most of the training content is forgotten after only few weeks.

Sales Methodology

What makes the RUN AT BEST® sales methodology different?

RUN AT BEST® was created to tackle the challenges of modern solution selling. It reduces the complexity of solution selling and combines all relevant customer information, which should be gathered during the sales process, into a memorable structure.

It focuses on building a deep, empathic relationship with your customer to support sustainable, recurring business.

The methodology provides a unique holistic view on the customer situation and is primarily focused on building customer value.

What does the acronym RUN AT BEST stand for?

The RUN AT BEST® acronym stands for the following criteria in the correct logical order:

Relationship: Have you built a trusting and respectful customer relationship?

Uniques: What are the uniques of your company that will provide the most value to your customer?

Needs: What are the challenges and business objectives of your customer?

Authority: Who are the decision makers and what are their decision drivers?

Timing: What is the timeframe for the customer project and what influences it?

Budget: What is the budget situation?

Enemy: Who are the competitors?

Solution: Which solution and value can you offer to convince the customer?

Take Control: How have you strategically positioned yourself toward the customer?

Why should you follow a sales methodology?

The overall goals for implementing a sales methodology are to make the sales process more efficient, increase the win rate and ideally create sustainable customer relationships.

The biggestadvantages for sales teams are:

- A quickand objective assessment of the probability to win a customer

- An overviewof missing customer information

- A higher win rate due to focused, strategic and efficient sales activities

- A reliable forecast that can be made based on consistent sales qualification

What is a sales methodology?

A sales methodology describes guiding principles for the sales organization:

- It defines a structure and procedural order for the sales process in a company

- It describes the way in which opportunities and accounts are addressed

- It supports the development of sales skills and sales enablement

A sales methodology also serves as a checklist, about the information that needs to be collected about an opportunity. With the help of a sales methodology, opportunities can be qualified more efficiently and according to a consistent structure.

I already have a sales methodology in place; Why should I use RUN AT BEST®?

RUN AT BEST® uses general principles and complements existing methods. On the one hand, it is very much about the right attitude and thereby triggered, the adapted and appropriate behavior. On the other hand, it is about the holistic presentation of the overall situation in order to start where it is essential. Many methods are challenging to grasp and offer few approaches to ensure sustainability.With its simple structure and logical acronym, RUN AT BEST® offers a guideline that describes the procedure in the correct order. In the Power App, the sales opportunity is presented like an X-ray image. It thus provides the whole team with the opportunity to ask critical questions to uncover contradictions and improve the solution development.Leaders can ask the right coaching questions to support the employees in finding solutions.

Sales Training

Which CRM systems are currently supported?

RUN AT BEST® Opportunity Manager is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. We are currently working on integration with other CRM systems. There is also a version for Microsoft Office 365.

Opportunity & Account App

Can I run the RUN AT BEST Opportunity Manager on all of my devices?

Yes, you can. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power App runs on any modern computer or laptop. We also offer a Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile version for iPhone and Android and a MS Office 365 Excel version with high usability and intuitive graphical user interface.

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